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Site Rules

No guarantee of validity

The information on is open to editing by the general public and it come with no guarantee of accuracy.

Breach of copyright editors are reminded that they may not post copyright text or images onto this site unless they own the copyright and are happy to allow it appear on this site. The management request all users to remove any text or images from this site if they know that it is in breach of copyright, even if they didn't upload the text or images themselves.

Allowed Businesses does NOT allow a number of types of goods and services to be listed on the site.

  • Anything which is illegal in the country in which it is being sold or for which the supplier does not hold the required licence is not allowed on So for example a marijana supplier in the USA can not be listed on this site. On the other hand an internet based book seller can list a book for sale even if it is banned in China as long as the seller is targeting clients in a country where it is allowed to sell the book.
  • Guns and ammunition are never allowed under any circumstances.
  • Military hardware is forbidden, the exception to this is something which has a significant civilian usage. So for example a tank is not allowed, but a Swiss-army pen-knife is.
  • Self-Promotion is allowed, if you are the official representative of a business, then you may add a page for your business to this site. For suppliers that have been added, their official representative may correct or expand upon the data that is contained in Any reviews that are written by the business themselves must be explicitly marked as such.

Entering false information and vandalism of is strictly forbidden

It is strictly forbidden to enter false informantion or to vandalise information contained in

Breach confidentiality agreement

If a user is aware of a price quoted by business and the price is the subject of a confidentiallity agreement, then the user is not allowed to enter the price into this site.

Price Guidelines on GingerWiki

The prices quoted on must be the fully inclusive price that the customer actually pays. It must include all surcharges, service charges, fees and taxes.

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