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GingerWiki:About is a web-site of small businesses.
It is a wiki which means that it is editable by the general public.

What we offer consumers:

From a consumers point of view, this site is particularly useful if you would like to get some price information about goods or services where historically efforts were made to keep consumers ignorant. For example how much do dentists charge in your area?
If you, as a consumer, know of a small business, whether it be very good, very bad or even very average, then is a web-site that will let you tell the world about it, you'd start by going to the add a new business page, then fill in the form. The site will then be instantaneously updated.
One of the advantages of over other web-site which effectively just offer traditional advertising space to businesses, is that on the pages are moderated by the general public. For example if a business claims to offer a given service at a particular price, but in reality their standard price is much higher, then any member of the public can update the price to show the real standard price.

What we offer small businesses:

For a small-business, this site effectively offers free advertising. Whether or not the firm has an existing presence on the web, this site offers a page for free. It is very easy, start by going to the add a new business page, then fill in a form indicating the company contact details, services offered. It is also possible to indicate prices and the company logo can be added as well. Then when the Save page button has been clicked, the page will immediately be available and it will include a map showing the location of the premises, which is worked out using the postal address supplied.
Also if the page is ever the subject of vandalism, then it can be easily restored and locked which will prevent future attacks.

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